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University of Alaska Fairbanks est. 1917

What are student jobs like, what about a conflict with a roommate?

Luke: Didn’t get along with a roommate, we talked about it, he moved out. The RAs can help resolve those issues.

Olivia: Friends that have conflicts worked with the RAs in the dorm.

Courtney: Student job working making satellites. The best thing about student jobs is that they are flexible around class and real life.

Tiffany: Agree with the great flexibility of student jobs.

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How much help is there for a young woman who wants to start engineering?

Courtney: First you will take ES101 - an overview of all types of engineering. After that class she will know what kind of engineering she wants to do.

Never have had an issue with the balance of men v. women in the UAF engineering department.

"Everyone’s rooting for you" when you’re a female engineering student.

How often do you meet with your advisor(s)?

Olivia: At least once a semester when you register for classes you are required to meet with an advisor.

Courtney: Once or twice a semester to make sure you’re taking the necessary classes and moving through school as efficiently as possible.

Luke: I agree and disagree. I see my advisor everyday. She’s one of my professors. Small department can turn advisors into mentors.